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    Boonhi Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 by many well-known foreign trade network marketing experts and senior foreign trade consultants. It is one of the earliest professional foreign trade marketing consulting service providers in China, and the first batch of foreign trade integrated marketing in Dongguan. Professional institutions are committed to providing effective cross-border e-commerce solutions for foreign trade companies to help Chinese companies improve their global trade competitiveness.

    Bohai has gathered a group of foreign trade talents with rich cross-border e-commerce operations, search engine SEO, SEM promotion and network marketing experience. By integrating the world-renowned commercial platform, combining advanced website optimization technology and traditional trade promotion model, we will create an efficient, low-cost, self-sustaining and international marketing channel for Chinese export enterprises, providing a complete set of foreign trade consultation, channel establishment and brand expansion. , sales operations, personnel training and other services.

    Since its inception, Bohai has provided foreign trade marketing consulting services to more than 3,500 foreign trade companies with its professional foreign trade marketing and promotion experience and innovative foreign trade integrated marketing technology. It has successfully provided network integrated marketing and overseas precision marketing for more than 1,600 enterprises. solution.

    Bohai Technology has about 60 existing partners (employees) and branches in the United States, Hong Kong, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Foshan. We are young, passionate, energetic, advocating happy work, and a happy life; and we are increasingly elite in the sharing atmosphere of “exploiting the strengths of others, building the rivers and growing together".

    Bohai Technology's affiliated companies include: Google, Alibaba, Netease, Paypal, Siyiou, Hisupplier and other excellent Internet and software vendors. We provide reliable and effective cross-border e-commerce for foreign trade companies. Service support, information security supervision and foreign trade management software.